PromoStream Adds OBS for Enhanced Live Stream Production

Jul 30, 2020 2:20:54 PM / by Amanda Cosenza

PromoStream is the only live stream software that combines zero ticket fees with private and fast live streaming. Now event organizers, creators, instructors, and anyone looking to live stream can create more engaging and unique events on PromoStream. Through the addition of OBS, live stream production is leveling up.

What is OBS?

OBS stands for Open Broadcaster Software. It is an open source and free software that helps you create more engaging live streams. Here how it works:

  • OBS allows you to set up multiple "scenes" that can be switched between seamlessly with custom transitions.
  • Each scene can be made up of multiple sources including text, images, browser windows, images, webcams, capture cards, and more.
  • This allows for various camera angles, speakers, slideshows, and screen shares to be used.
  • Per-source audio filters such as noise suppression, gain, and noise gating allow for intuitive audio mixing.

Benefits for Live Streaming

By leveraging OBS as a digital "production studio," hosts can increase the value of their live streams. More options allow for a higher production value to the overall event. 

  • Allows for Multiple Hosts from Different Locations
  • Hold Onto Your Audience's Attention with Multiple Camera Angles
  • Create Overlays That Polish the Scene
  • Share Slideshow Presentations

The PromoStream Difference

PromoStream makes it easy for anyone wanting to host a ticketed live stream. Unlike other ticketing platforms, organizers do not have to utilize a third party integration in order to stream their events.
  • All-in-One Ticketing and Live Streaming
  • Private & Secure: Each Ticket Holder Receives a Unique URL to Access the Stream
  • Zero Ticket Fees

Live Stream with Ease

Setting up a live stream event on PromoStream is easy and only takes minutes. It's a seamless process for both event organizers and the attendees. Save time and money by launching your next event on PromoStream.

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Amanda Cosenza

Written by Amanda Cosenza

Amanda is a music festival fanatic with an entrepreneurial spirit. She’s a digital marketing professional specializing in events. Prior to PromoTix, Amanda owned a marketing and sponsorship agency called Festivate, working with well known brands and creating activations for EDC, Envision Festival, Backwoods Music Festival, and many more.