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Spring Up Celebration Connects With PromoJuice 🌷

Apr 1, 2019 10:41:54 AM / by Sebastian Schulze

About Spring Up Celebration 2019

Spring Up Celebration taking place April 25-28, 2019 is about celebrating life, lifting spirits, and unleashing your infinite potential. This April, friends and family of all ages will be gathering on over 150 acres of pristine woods, meadows, and ponds over at the Wildwood Outdoor Education Center, 30 minutes south of Kansas City, KS.

Rekinection (the organizer of the festival) is going bigger than ever this year: 3 stages, a killer lineup including acts from all around the world, zipline rides, and over 50+ speakers, activities, and workshops to enlighten your body and soul! Don't forget to bring your camping gear 😉

From yoga and meditation to a sonic and visual spectacle from Wookiefoot... Spring Up Celebration 2019 has got you covered.

Thinking About Attending?

Well we have good news for you... you and your friends can earn FREE tickets (plus many other awesome perks and prizes)! Rekinection has partnered with PromoJuice to manage their street team program this year... so what are you waiting for?


Join The Street Team!

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Check out Rekinection's website for more music, holistic wellness, performing arts, and art - and don't forget to scoop your tickets for Spring Up Celebration 2019 here:



(via Rekinection)


(via Rekinection) 

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Sebastian Schulze

Written by Sebastian Schulze

Sebastian is a music nerd, concert lover, and grassroots marketing specialist. His passion is working with venues, promoters, and festivals all around the globe to help spread positive experiences to as many people as possible. Sebastian works hands on with our clients to ensure their street team programs are successful.

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