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Introducing PromoTix: The World's First Fee-Free Ticketing Platform

Oct 11, 2019 10:34:54 AM / by Sebastian Schulze posted in Industry News, ticketing, Ticket Sales, PromoTix


The Biggest Industry Problem

Did you know that the average ticketing service fee in the U.S. is 27%?1For far too long, event organizers have been getting their profits squeezed from all angles: from high ticketing fees, to increasing costs for production and performers, 68% of music festival organizers reported profitability as their biggest challenge.

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The Biggest Issues with Ticketing...

Jul 31, 2019 9:26:30 AM / by Sebastian Schulze posted in ticketing, Ticket Sales, Surveys


Have you ever sold tickets online...?

If your answer to the above was yes, we know that things don't always go according to plan. Perhaps you had a scanner malfunction at the front gate, or you couldn't export the exact report you wanted. Perhaps you were unhappy with the high fees your ticketing company was charging, or their customer service wasn't there when you needed them...

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